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Nuggets The Most Cutting-edge Smart Home Market

Update time : 2022-07-19 18:23:59
A few decades ago, Asimov, known as the "three giants of science fiction", conceived a bizarre world of science and technology in his works: through the network, devices can be connected to any place and person in the world, and "robots" will also enter the homes of ordinary people and become a right-hand assistant in people's lives.

Today, Asimov's fantasy has already become a reality. For consumers, smart home is not only a simple function and experience innovation, but also means re creating a way of life.

Globally, North America is the most cutting-edge and potential smart home market. According to the data released by statista, in 2019, about 27% of Americans owned smart home devices, and such a high penetration rate ranked first in the countries they studied. Statista predicts that by 2025, the number of IOT connectivity devices in North America will double to more than 5.4 billion in six years.

While the number of IOT connected devices is rising rapidly, smart home solutions that can realize seamless linkage between devices will become a rigid demand in the market.

According to CIC data, Tuya intelligence (nyse:tuya) is the world's largest IOT PAAS company in terms of the number of smart devices supported in 2020. In the United States, graffiti has also become a partner of a large number of smart home brands with its excellent R & D technology and ecological ability.

Tuya intelligence has reached cooperation with leading home brands, suppliers and manufacturers such as monster, noonlight, Mobi and silicon labs to help them build an interconnected smart home ecosystem.

Join hands with IOT pioneers in the field of home entertainment

With the changes of consumers' living habits and technological progress, the market demand for an interconnected smart home ecosystem is increasingly urgent. Therefore, how to complete intelligent upgrading to meet market demand has become a major challenge for enterprises in related fields.

With its intelligent high-performance headphones, speakers and other products, magic sound, which has a history of more than 40 years, has become an IOT pioneer in the field of home entertainment. However, the "island dilemma" that cannot be linked between cross brand devices has always been a major obstacle in the development of smart home, and has always plagued the sound of magic.

Kevin Lee, senior vice president of magic sound business development, said: "There are many smart devices on the market, but most of the systems behind these devices are closed, which greatly limits the freedom of consumers to buy devices of other brands and greatly reduces the use experience. Tuya intelligence is very far sighted. It has created an open and neutral IOT cloud platform, which means that the smart devices and apps under magic sound can also realize linkage with smart devices of other brands in the Tuya ecosystem, so as to make terminal consumption The user experience has made a qualitative leap. It is a very wise measure for magic sound to establish a partnership with Tuya. "

Enabling security enterprises to develop residential security solutions

Noonlight is an Internet security platform that provides users with a series of products and services such as all-weather sensor monitoring, video monitoring and emergency response. Now, the company chooses to cooperate with Tuya intelligence to develop powerful intelligent security devices.

Noonlight co-founder and CCO Brittany Leconte said, "we are honored to cooperate with Tuya. Noonlight's service will help Tuya partners provide residential security services for users at a lower cost, while increasing the income of partners. This is a great added value for all parties."

In addition, core technology, a leader in the field of wireless IOT, is also cooperating with Tuya intelligence to jointly create a low-power Wi Fi intelligent access control solution. In the future, this scheme will also be extended to other smart home application scenarios.

Fritz Werder, general manager of graffiti smart North America Headquarters, said: "core technology is a leader in the field of wireless IOT, with long-term research and development experience, and the powerful functions of its Wi Fi solutions are impressive. Through this cooperation, we can jointly provide consumers, brands, OEM manufacturers and chain retailers with more cutting-edge intelligent products, safeguard housing safety and improve the quality of life."

Using IOT technology to support childcare monitoring

Mobi, an American home electronics provider, has also reached a cooperation with Tuya intelligence to develop the first intelligent childcare monitoring kit. This monitoring kit can be used together or separately. Parents can choose it according to family needs. With this kit, parents can control all kit products through one app wherever they are, and easily monitor their baby's status and surrounding environment.

"We have found the perfect business combination point: if we regard intelligent products as' vehicles' carrying technology, graffiti provides a stable and efficient 'digital highway' for 'vehicles' to operate." Said David naghi, CEO of Mobi technology.

Tuya believes that an open platform will be the key to the success of the smart home industry. The value of this series of cooperation lies not only in empowering partners, but also in bringing a large number of smart devices into the same ecosystem, demonstrating the power of open platforms to the market.
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