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Security System Solution for Hotel Comprehensive Application

A. Introduction

China's hotel industry has experienced a period of rapid development since the 1990s. With the progress of society, tourism and business travel needs, hotels are all over the streets, from high-end star hotels to business chain hotels. With the development of information technology and the popularization of network technology, more and more hotel managers put forward the intelligent construction of hotel. In addition to the living experience of the hotel's own customers, how to build a more intelligent information hotel has been mentioned to the forefront.

The construction of hotel security system is a chaotic and staggered field for the security industry. Some people think that it belongs to the category of intelligent building, and some think that intelligent home is the most mainstream application of hotel security. In fact, the construction of hotel information includes the construction of hotel security. The security system of Hotel is based on the construction of hotel, which is built to ensure the safety of hotel people, property, material and other aspects The core value of a set of comprehensive technology defense area system is "security prevention", which belongs to a subsystem of hotel information system.

The development of hotel security has gone through two stages, namely, the traditional security stage and the intelligent stage. At present, the hotel security has entered the second stage. The intelligent stage refers to the integration of alarm, access control, monitoring, customer control, all in one card, ladder control and other systems into the hotel construction to create the internal intelligent security system of the hotel. Hotel security system is an essential part of the future smart hotel.

B. Solution introduction

The system involved in the early stage of the hotel industry is relatively simple, mainly represented by the simulation monitoring of security applications, whose core value is "seeing is believing". With the progress of science and technology, especially the development of network technology, the standard definition image quality of traditional monitoring has been unable to meet the current monitoring demand, and at this stage, in addition to the monitoring demand, the hotel security also includes alarm, door lock, room intelligence Energy and other application requirements.

1. Scheme structure and composition

The hotel security integrated management system mainly includes video monitoring system, access control system, alarm system, ladder control system and intelligent parking lot management system. The network is based on TCP / IP network technology. The integrated software and hardware platform is adopted to integrate multiple subsystems, and the central management system and large screen display system are used as the monitoring center of the hotel security system.

2. System design

(1) Video monitoring system

Hotel is a comprehensive service place for people's travel, business travel, such as accommodation, catering, leisure, etc. because of its open and service-oriented characteristics, there are strangers in and out all the year round, while the flow of people in the public areas such as the hotel gate, front desk, waiting hall is more concentrated. For the public areas of the hotel, video monitoring system needs to be deployed to achieve real-time monitoring and recording of the public areas of the hotel For purposes such as forensics.

The new project can deploy 2 million pixel high-definition webcam, and the area outside the hotel gate can deploy star level supporting zoom high-definition network ball machine. The public area outside the hotel gate can be monitored through regular rounds, and the special scene can be zoomed in for detailed monitoring. The front door and lobby of the hotel are densely populated areas. In this area, 2 million pixel high-definition infrared automatic zoom dome camera is deployed, which can not only monitor the internal details, but also ensure the beauty of indoor deployment. All cameras are connected to NVR and central management platform through network, and the storage and recording are guaranteed for at least 30 days.

The old equipment renovation project can deploy coaxial HD hdcvi camera. The camera image has 1080p and no delay. The effective transmission distance of 75-3 coaxial cable is up to 300m. In the upgrading process of SD HD, only the front-end camera and the back-end storage DVR need to be replaced, no new wiring is required, and the transformation can be completed by inheriting the original coaxial transmission cable of analog SD camera, The cost of wiring engineering is saved, and the cost of transformation is greatly saved.

(2) Access control management system

The hotel has machine room, warehouse, power distribution room, financial room and other important rooms, which can not be accessed at will. For such key areas, access control system should be deployed. Access control system can control the door lock of the room according to authority management, and authorize through door card, password, fingerprint and other methods. At the same time, access control system can also be linked with video monitoring system to complete the door opening record and Composite of video recording. A set of reliable access control system can not only prevent theft and theft, reduce property loss, but also manage internal staff in an orderly way.

(3) Alarm system

The alarm system is one of the common systems in the hotel security system, which is used to detect and prevent the alarm situation in the protection area. The front-end alarm detector consists of the alarm host and the front-end alarm detector. The front-end alarm detector includes the infrared dual detector, the water immersion alarm, the smoke sensing alarm, the gas leakage alarm, etc. through the connection of the alarm host, when the alarm detects the alarm situation, it will alarm The information is transmitted to the alarm host for alarm linkage. The alarm lamp, access controller and other equipment can be linked, and the alarm information can also be uploaded to the central platform or 110 platform.

According to the specific situation of the site, the front-end alarm of the alarm system constitutes a warning area. The system can be set with one or more defense areas, and different types of alarm detectors can be deployed respectively. These alarm detectors can be interconnected to form a defense area with comprehensive defense function. Finally, a set of high-performance and multi-functional alarm system can be constructed, which can be widely used in key defense areas of the hotel, such as The warehouse, wine cellar, power distribution room, information center machine room and other areas are unattended and safe.

(4) Ladder control system

At present, the hotel basically has elevator to the floor, and the hotel elevator is the most commonly used channel to the guest room. In order to protect the customers from the disturbance of non accommodation personnel, and to ensure the safety of the hotel's internal property, it is particularly important to effectively authorize the use authority of the elevator.

The elevator control system is composed of elevator master controller, card swiping device in elevator, IC card management system and authorized card issuer. The guest authorizes the elevator floor according to the room number through the room card, and the guest swipes the card through the elevator card swiping device with the authorized room card.

(5) Display large screen system

The display system of the hotel conference hall is mostly composed of multiple projectors or displays. The projectors are aging too fast, and the display effect is poor. The large-scale displays are difficult to maintain in the later stage due to hoisting, and the display system composed of projectors and displays is too old, and does not meet the grade of the high-end hotel conference hall, so Building a set of high-end, economic and beautiful intelligent display system will help to improve the level of the conference hall and the customer experience. At the same time, the large screen can also be used to deploy the monitoring center for video monitoring.

(6) Hotel intelligent parking system

Most high-end hotels have underground parking lots. Traditional parking lots are managed by security guards. Vehicles need to be manually registered or issued with vouchers to get in and out. The efficiency of entrance and exit is low. The video monitoring in the parking lot also cannot cover the whole area. If the underground vehicles are scraped off or the escape occurs after human damage, it is also unable to track afterwards. To solve these problems, Dahua intelligent parking system can be used, which is composed of entrance and exit system, parking space guidance system, parking detection system and reverse search system.

The entrance and exit system deploys a camera to automatically capture the license plate of the vehicle at the entrance and exit. For the vehicles with valid license plate, the gate lever of the automatic gate is raised to release and the corresponding data is stored in the database. Vehicles with invalid license plates will not be released. By identifying the license plate for release, we can achieve non parking access, greatly advance the import and export efficiency, and also improve the customer experience of VIP customers in the hotel.

In the parking lot, the parking space detector adopts a high-definition camera integrated with detection and display functions. One camera detects two, three or six parking spaces at the same time. The parking space detector displays the status of the parking space through different color lights, and the camera is installed on the front of the parking space to effectively display the use of the parking space in the parking lot, so that the user can quickly find the spare parking space and improve the parking efficiency. After parking, the parking space detector will record the parking time, parking space number, license plate number, model number, car color and other information and save it to the central management Manage the platform, and conduct real-time monitoring and recording of vehicles.

C. Prospect forecast of smart hotel

At this stage, the hotel construction is guided by the application needs of hotel management, operation and use, fully considering the close combination of intelligent system and hotel building, fully considering the comfort, safety, efficiency, economy, convenience, energy saving and other elements of hotel operation, and taking the position, brand, image, benefit, and other aspects of the hotel from the perspective of the hotel users, managers, builders, etc Taste and other aspects of feelings, experience for the purpose. With the development of science and technology, intelligent technology continues to be integrated into various fields, the weak current system of the hotel involves more and more subsystems, with more and more powerful functions, and the concept of smart hotel is gradually born.

Smart hotel has a long way to go, with many unknowns. Only by grasping the right direction, starting from different angles, relying on technological innovation and continuous improvement, can the hotel be full of wisdom and provide better services for people.