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Urban Commercial Complex


In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the scale of urban commercial places, a large-scale shopping mall with large capacity, diverse functions, luxurious decoration and high-grade commodities has been built in the city, attracting thousands of customers. While the market economy is booming, it also intensifies the occurrence of various theft, fire and other emergencies in the shopping mall. At present, relying entirely on the traditional civil air defense means has been far from meeting the needs of the safety of shopping malls. For example, a large number of people gather and flow at the peak of business or after the end of business, and the safety management of various commodities and electrical equipment, all of which pose a huge challenge to the safety of shopping malls.

Zhonghaichi security operation adopts modern high-tech means, adopts the mode of deep combination of human and technical defense to form a comprehensive and three-dimensional prevention system, to ensure the safety of people, property, goods and information in the commercial complex, and to provide a safe and comfortable shopping environment for merchants and consumers.

Service content:

1. Safety planning: carefully evaluate the facilities and buildings of the complex to solve the safety problems it faces;

2. Human security service: dispatch professional security personnel to provide 24-hour resident security service;

3. Video monitoring and intrusion alarm: advanced video monitoring means are used to provide high-quality image information monitoring for important places of the complex, and various analysis technologies are combined to realize all-round protection.

4. Access control management: biometric technology combined with contactless IC card realizes strict access control and identity authentication management in important defense areas.