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Brand Profile
Story of VAN
Any great brand begins with an ordinary period of thinking and marvelous courage. Shenzhen VAN Electronics Co., Ltd. was officially established in 2011, which committed to the R & D of intelligent products and technical service innovation, and provides the overall solution of intelligent ecosystem.
In 2011, "VAN" brand was founded and launched in Shenzhen, China, with IJOYPLAY" & VANESOMOS " subordinate brands in 2018, which marked VAN moving towards a new stage of strategic development.

Concept of VAN
VAN keeps being responsible for every user as its initial intention, and regards quality as the supreme creed, strictly controls every link of raw material procurement, manufacturing and after-sales service to ensure quality of products.
VAN always takes demands of customers as the guide and pursues innovation, pursues a win-win cooperation with partners, grow together with customers, and share development achievements with employees.
"The World's Leading Service Provider of Fashion Innovative Products and Smart Life Solutions"
Style of VAN
VAN takes Green & Yellow style as the main colors. Green: Fresh, Healthy and Hopeful, which is the symbol of life and represents the feeling of Safety, Calm and Comfort; Yellow represents Warmth, Dignity and Brilliance, with the brilliance of the sun.
Product design pursues minimalism, simple colors and simple collocation, and goes for extraordinary experience of quality and function in simplicity.
At the same time, the brand pursues diversified development, conforms to the market trend and the consumption psychology of some young people, strives for change in stability, and conforms to the young people’s demand for brand fashion and trend.

Consumers Targeted
Post-2000s Generation
Post-2000s generation are about 14-21 years old, most of whom are high school students and college students. Most of the group are the only child in their family. They were more willing to spend time with friends when they didnt have more brothers or sisters since child-hood. Post-2000s generation will pursue more personalized experience when they consume, who are willing to pay time and pocket money for their hobbies and tend to experience the use of products. With the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic products, they are focusing more on domestic brands.

Office Workers
Office workers are the main customers targeted, who have a certain economic ability. Meanwhile, they enjoy pursuing fashion purchase, who will compare in many ways when purchasing products, and choose the best combination point in terms of novelty and functional diversity. Besides , they would like to focus on cost performance of products, and price is still an important factor affecting this group. Not necessarily a big brand, but more importantly, a brand that they recognize and is full of personality matters most.



One Earth, VAN Securcares Together


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