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State Owned Enterprise Bank Programme

ATM Security Solutions:

For most customers, 7x24 hour ATM has become an indispensable convenient banking service. The customer's willingness to use a bank's ATM outlet actually stems from the trust in the bank. Once this trust is lost, the customer relationship is gone.

However, the occurrence of ATM fraud on more than 1.5 million ATMs around the world is putting banks and customer relationships at continuous risk. It is reported that the global electronic crime and credit card fraud cases related to ATM cause nearly $1.2 billion in losses every year.

For banks and financial institutions, to ensure the security of ATM transactions is a solid foundation to obtain and maintain customer trust - bank card users need more security, while ATM vault must be protected against theft.

Guarantee the security of ATM network 24 hours a day

Tyco security is committed to consolidating the relationship between banks and customers, ensuring the safe transaction of ATM, and ensuring the security and confidence everywhere.


Advanced video monitoring technology

Compared with traditional video monitoring, intelligent video monitoring has more powerful functions, high-definition video, and suspicious behavior detection can be realized through software.

Timely alarm

Software analysis of suspicious behavior improves detection rate, identifies threats in the first time and shortens response time.

HD video storage

The stored high-definition video images are clearer and easier to identify threats.

7x24 hour alarm monitoring

The emergency alarm monitoring center of Min'an is equipped with a well-trained response team, which is on standby 24 hours a day. Once receiving the alarm, it will immediately make an effective response to ensure the safety of ATM outlets.

Branch security solutions

Because of the particularity of the industry, the business places like bank branches and ATMs need a higher level of security management. Without a comprehensive security strategy, banks and financial institutions cannot achieve the invincible security protection they expect. As for the chain operated bank branches, their security needs are quite different from the vault, but the most fundamental purpose is to win the trust of customers, so that customers can be sure that their capital and personal safety can be effectively guaranteed in the branch.