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VAN has established a strategic large-scale R & D system of "new technology pre research + application development" to track, reserve and cooperate with new technologies related to the company's main products around the world, especially the accumulation of resources in intelligent algorithms, so as to accumulate resources and leading advantages for integrated innovation and development. In terms of R & D talents, a R & D project department is specially established for key customers to make it professional and rapid to meet customers' innovation and development needs.

(1) Product planning

In addition to the customized ODM order, the technical specification requirements are put forward by the customer, the company carries out new product planning and pre research technology development according to the development trend of market and technology, and analyzes and plans from the aspects of product market positioning, target population, life cycle, sales strategy, technical feasibility and production feasibility. The company completes the development independently, And directly provide a complete scheme for customers to choose, and the products can be listed in a short time.

(2) Product modeling design, structural design and graphic design

The company can provide professional ID modeling design, structural design and graphic design services. It has won the "German Red Dot Award (international famous creative design award)" issued by the famous European Design Association (Zentrum nordhein Westfalen), the "China Industrial Design Award" issued by the evaluation committee of China excellent industrial design award, and the sixth "governor's Cup" of Guangdong Province Third prize and other honors in industrial design competition, with strong industry competitiveness.

(3) Product hardware design

The company has accumulated rich experience in hardware design of electronic products such as PC / TV camera, dash cam, intelligent cloud camera and headset, especially in product stability, environmental adaptability, compatibility and safety regulation adaptability, rationality of manufacturing process, realizability of engineering and testing, etc.

(4) Product software design and development

The company can carry out software development at the bottom software and application level (including cloud computing software, APP software, embedded software, production test software, etc.) according to customer needs and specifications, and has mastered SDK code development based on DSP hardware, anba's special software development technology platform, Linux technology development platform and RTOS technology development platform; Development technology based on h264, h265, RTMP, RTSP and other video codecs; Development technology based on Bluetooth, WiFi, 2.4G, 433, ZigBee and other Internet of things protocols; Video live broadcasting and storage development technology based on Baidu cloud and Amazon cloud; Linux based boot, driver writing and application development technology; Application technology development of various communication protocols and network protocols based on Linux.

(5) Product testing and verification

The company has established a number of product testing and certification platforms and laboratories with different functions, complete testing equipment, complete testing and verification of the developed products, and established evaluation specifications and test standards for each technical scheme developed by the company, including product function, performance, reliability, stability, environmental adaptability, safety regulation adaptability, electromagnetic compatibility, user experience Test and verify producibility, testability, maintainability, ROHS compliance, etc. At the design stage, the company's products are considered to comply with the requirements of national laws and regulations, and all products comply with China 3C certification, American FCC certification, European CE certification, Bluetooth BQB certification, etc.

(6) Testing and verification of materials

The reliability laboratory of the company's quality control center has established a unified platform for material testing and verification, established evaluation specifications and test standards for each material, and tested and certified the materials from the aspects of material function, performance, reliability, stability, ROHS compliance and producibility, so as to ensure the quality of materials.

(7) Development and design of production test technology

The company has strong design and production capacity of tooling and manufacturing tools and development capacity of production test software. Through appropriate tooling and manufacturing tools and highly automated production test software, it can reduce human errors, comprehensively test the function and performance of products, improve production efficiency and ensure the quality of products.

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