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Investor Relations

VAN Mutual Fund
In order to create a happy enterprise and improve employees' sense of belonging, VAN Electronics officially established a mutual aid foundation in 2018. The company allocates fixed funds and establishes a special account to build a relief platform for employees and their spouses, children and parents suffering from major diseases. Employees can apply to the company according to the actual difficulties of their families, After deliberation and voting by the Fund Committee, the relief fund shall be distributed.

Since the establishment of VAN Electronics mutual aid foundation, the love fund has helped more than 100 people with a total amount of more than one million, which has become an important guarantee for the love assistance of the company's needy employees.

Love is boundless. The short four words of love and mutual assistance reflect not only the help of Wei'an electronics to employees' life, but also the high corporate mission and social responsibility of VAN Electronics "One side is in trouble and all sides support" is China's virtue, and "people-oriented" is the essence of corporate culture. VAN Eectronics is deeply aware of its social responsibility. It has always regarded all employees as the most valuable asset and wealth of the enterprise, and made every effort to give employees the best development environment, salary, welfare and humanistic care, so as to warm every difficult group and individual in need of help to the greatest extent.

Love mutual aid fund is the condensation of the love of all Weian people and the embodiment of the values of people-oriented, selfless dedication and sharing the development achievements of the enterprise

VAN Social Good
As a member of society, enterprises shoulder the dual mission of developing economy and promoting social progress. Since its birth, VAN Electronics has taken the healthy development of society as its own responsibility, paid attention to the vulnerable groups in society, vigorously assisted social public welfare undertakings, consciously fulfilled its social responsibilities and promoted the harmonious development of society. Over the years, VAN Electronics has continuously donated to nursing homes, children's welfare homes, mountain schools, poor people, etc., actively responded to the call of the state and donated Juan things to public welfare organizations and disaster areas.

"Great love without words, hold world with virtue" is the responsibility and feelings of Wei'an electronics. On the way forward, VAN Electronics has always been an actor of charity and a disseminator of love and dedication with a sense of gratitude.

In the future, VAN Electronics will always care about and support the development of various social public welfare, culture, sports and education. At the same time, it will constantly adjust and innovate the road of enterprise development, pay attention to product quality, improve service level, benefit employees and the society