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Talent Concept
Talent Values:
Creat Virtue, Erudite, Context, Ingenuity, Achieve
Make it happen, for dream, to go forward, to struggle, to create, to change, and life will be changed because of you.

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Salary & Welfare
Social Insurance
Enjoy national standard social insurance, endowment insurance, unemployment insurance, medical insurance, industrial injury insurance, maternity insurance and housing accumulation fund.
Paid leave
Enjoy paid leave, including paid leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, spouse maternity leave, annual leave, etc
Enjoy the company's congratulations / condolences, including marriage congratulations, birth congratulations, relief funds, disaster condolences, special injury condolences, etc
Physical Examination & Education
Enjoy the perfect medical security system such as annual physical examination, on-the-job education and professional skills and course training introduced by VAN.
Employment Concept
01 Cultivate a learning organization
In order to promote talent growth and match the development needs of the company and individuals. The personnel training mode of Wei'an focuses on career management and technical improvement, and carries out on-the-job training and personnel training plans for personnel management, technology and academic improvement at different levels. Note: the new employee training covers corporate culture, product knowledge, marketing skills and product development standards to help new employees quickly adapt to the company culture.

02 Career Promotion Dual Channel
In order to deeply tap talents and better match the post development needs. The company adopts a two-way and transparent promotion channel of improving management ability and strengthening professional ability. The development direction of management posts is grass-roots manager, senior manager, director, senior director and above senior management positions. Employees with technical expertise can become experts in professional / business fields through independent learning and training by VAN.
03 Green Home, Happy Work
In order to ensure a good working and living environment for employees, the company will regularly investigate the working environment of employees, so as to create a more comfortable working and living environment for employees. At the same time, it will enrich employees' spare time life and hold wonderful activities such as sports meeting, Spring Festival party, anniversary celebration and holiday tourism.