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Understand the future of China from the Hidden Details of the Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games

Update time : 2022-03-11 17:10:58
On March 4, the Beijing winter Paralympic Games officially opened. In February, the opening hours of the dragon's opening ceremony, sign language performance, and the romantic details of the snowman Rong, who were hand knitted by 24 disabled friends, were broken by many netizens.

In addition to the tearful opening ceremony, a gag during the torch relay also rushed to the hot search. At the site of Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, two disabled torchbearers completed the torch relay with the help of upper and lower limb exoskeleton robots. The application of science and technology in the Winter Olympics shocked everyone again.

Carefully exploring the labels of the Winter Olympic Games and the winter Paralympic Games, one word is repeatedly mentioned: China has changed, and the reference objects are the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. The most intuitive change is to ask foreign friends the most impressive thing about the 2008 Olympic Games, and they unanimously answered - the amazing opening ceremony. In 2022, compared with praising the beauty of the opening ceremony, they shocked the scientific and technological capabilities of China's Olympic life scenes: AI exoskeleton robots, digital medical services, intelligent epidemic prevention robots, intelligent restaurants, etc.

If the 2008 Chinese Olympic Games is a "metaphysical" art, the 2022 Winter Olympic Games will be more "grounded", realistically applying science and technology to all kinds of life scenes. These scenes will not be a flash in the pan because of the end of the Winter Olympics, but will imperceptibly enter your and my life.

How will these technological forces affect our lives? In fact, the Winter Olympics has hidden the answer behind three hot searches.

5G ambulance, get on the bus and enter the hospital

Nina O'Brien, an American contestant who accidentally suffered serious fractures of her ribs and left leg in the alpine skiing women's slalom, thanked the Chinese medical team for putting the Chinese medical security team on the hot search with more than 10 kilograms of medical bags on their back and arriving at the scene within four minutes.

Behind the hot search is the first future revealed by the Winter Olympics: Digital blessing medical cause.

5G ambulance, intelligent mobile shelter, crawler mobile ICU and other digital medicine let us see the possibility of the medical industry in the future.

Recall the common medical scenes in the film and television works: the medical staff on the ambulance urgently treated the patient, but due to limited conditions, they can only do basic first-aid treatment. Rush to the hospital, and the doctor can further check the patient's physical condition. Sometimes, by the minute, the patient misses the opportunity of treatment.

Some emergency doctors once lamented that if the ambulance rescue facilities and means were more adequate, it might reduce a lot of regret.

The emergence of 5G ambulance makes it possible to "get on the bus and go to hospital". The ambulance is composed of mobile CT vehicle, mobile oral treatment vehicle, mobile operation vehicle, negative pressure emergency transfer vehicle and emergency transfer vehicle, which is equivalent to a micro hospital.

More importantly, while ambulance medical staff diagnose and treat patients, through 5G network, the vital signs and medical images of patients in the cabin can be transmitted to the command hall and the corresponding receiving hospital in real time. The hospital can also remotely see the situation of patients and prepare more appropriate medical response measures in advance.

The digital enabled medical system, and then connect with transportation, community and pension systems, will ensure a higher dimension of life.

So, will the future be far away? No, there are actual landing cases. Let's have a glimpse of the greater space of smart medicine in the future.

For example, the global IOT development platform service provider graffiti intelligence (NYSE: Tuya) and Songdu property's intelligent transformation of Caihe street, Jianggan District, Hangzhou. More than 30% of the residents in Caihe Street are the elderly over the age of 60. This intelligent transformation provides a valuable practical model for the future elderly care community.

Graffiti intelligence and Songdu property have jointly created a "smart community IOT platform" to centrally manage the facilities and equipment in the community, covering a series of community hardware such as parking gate, building ladder control, energy lighting, intelligent access control and so on. For example, in view of the accident prone situation of the elderly living alone, the activity status of the elderly at home can be identified in real time through the intelligent sensor detector. Once the door is not opened or closed for a long time, or the personnel are not active for a long time, the relevant information will be sent to the community staff through the community management system, and the staff will check the door at the first time.

When we combine the smart community with the digital medical system, we see a more ambitious scene of medical treatment in the future. With the addition of more intelligent systems such as smart community, intelligent detection and intelligent medical appliances, everyone has a "small hospital" for private assistance.

The right to life is fully respected and guaranteed, which is a future worth looking forward to.

Bing Dwen Dwen, China made

Bing dwen dwen Bing dwen dwen is a "hard currency" that won the praise and commentary of friends circle, but the reality is that even though the Winter Paralympics have started, your ice pier still has not arrived.

The shortage of ice pier also gives us some difficulties in manufacturing. China has the most sound industrial system in the world, with a high degree of fine division of labor, that is, professional people do professional things, cooperate to complete product production, specialize in their respective fields, and finally achieve overall technological progress. If it is a planned order, there is no big problem in this process. When there is a single explosion like ice pier, the traditional production synergy will drag on to some extent.

Just like Bing dwen dwen and its shell are produced by different factories, most products such as glasses are made from the fittings of different factories.

Factory collaboration is the right choice. The root cause of the problem is that the industrial process is not fully digitized. If there is no way to synchronize data between links, it is easy to cause collaboration deviation, just like one said he was hungry to eat a cow and the other gave a bottle of Red Bull. How many orders the market needs, how to cooperate with each other, how to synchronize the progress in real time, how to feed back the progress to the market, and how to build an operation management system all need digital support.

This is the second "Enlightenment" of the Winter Olympic Games to the future. The intelligent transformation of China's manufacturing industry is imminent.

What effect can smart industry promote? We use graffiti intelligence, an industrial empowerment process at present, to interpret the possibility of the future. Graffiti intelligent intelligent industrial solution covers the whole product cycle before, during and after production.

When factories encounter a single explosion like ice pier, before the production, the smart industry will accurately calculate the production capacity and reduce the time to find materials through smart shelves, so that the best thing to do is to make good use of it.

During production, the visual management of the whole production line is constructed to lock the problems in real time and improve the solution efficiency. Suppose that such a production scenario, the ice pier pier eyes accidentally slit, it will not wait until the detection stage is found, and then rework, but the wrong moment, the visual management system will be found in a timely manner, correct in time, save a lot of error correction time.

There are also tools such as intelligent production testing to help realize batch testing and improve product production speed.

This is not the end of the scene. We can see that the most important problem is the shortage of licensed manufacturers and the excessive demand. A clever woman cannot make bricks without rice. The production process of smart industry will improve the speed, but it is still a little difficult to complete "one trick for each person" immediately.

At this time, the empowerment after the production of smart industry will come into play. Before that, let's throw a question: will people have a time limit for the love of ice Pier? Most of the answer is No. In fact, we just want to have the ice pier and not want to have it right away. But obviously, the sale of ice pier is not accurate delivery time, "one household, one pier" can not be achieved.

How can smart industry help achieve their wishes? One of the core contents of smart industry is to get through the data, and calculate the best solution according to the data dimensions such as market demand, estimated production time and scheduling, so as to avoid that the factory does not know the specific quantity required by the market, and the sales port does not know how many goods can be delivered and when, resulting in serious information asymmetry when it finally reaches the consumer, Both the production side and the consumption side are full of unknowns.

Assuming that the intelligent industry is deeply involved in the production of ice pier, at least now we will know what time we can have ice pier.

Green electricity should also be saved

The smooth supply of Zhangbei ± 500kV flexible DC power grid has made the Beijing Winter Olympic Games the first Olympic Games to use 100% green power. In addition to the Zhangbei project, there is also a measure at the Winter Olympic Games to silently support the realization of the goal of "carbon neutralization", that is, to make the use of energy more efficient through intelligent platform management and control.

The smart energy platform built for the Beijing Winter Olympics can monitor the use of electricity, gas, water, heat and other energy in the venues in real time, and complete the visual management of building energy consumption and carbon emission monitoring, so as to reduce energy consumption, such as multi-dimensional real-time on-line monitoring and accounting analysis of single or multiple buildings, Carbon Asset quota management, etc. according to the situation of venue personnel Meteorological data, predict building energy consumption and optimize energy consumption.

This is the third future scene depicted by the Beijing Winter Olympics. The smart upgrading of new energy and energy management will become two important means to achieve "carbon neutrality".

The contribution of smart energy system to the goal of "carbon neutrality" has also been successful in the market. The case comes from a 40000 square meter manufacturing workshop in Hubei. There are 503 sets of 120W lamps in the workshop, which consume more than 500000 kwh of electricity a year. The production of these electricity will consume 138 tons of standard coal and produce more than 400 tons of carbon dioxide. Bilinway has completed its intelligent transformation in 10 days through the independently developed lamp control module combined with the ability of graffiti in commercial lighting, and realized a variety of intelligent control functions such as regional control, dimming control, timing control, scene control, automatic control, energy consumption and fault statistics.

At the same time, the visual and digital management ability provides great convenience for workshop production. For example, the status of all lamps in the twisting workshop is centrally displayed on the central control screen, and the operators can operate the switch, brightness and so on without running all over the workshop. After the transformation, the lighting energy consumption and carbon emission have been reduced by 65% and the annual carbon emission has been reduced by 270 tons.

Whether it is the joy brought by intelligence in the Winter Olympic Games or the warmth brought by intelligence in the winter Paralympic Games, it reveals that wisdom will participate in all aspects of life. How to connect fragmented smart scenes will become the main topic in the future. The emergence of such open and neutral IOT participants as graffiti intelligence, which allows products of different brands and categories to break barriers and interconnect, may be the best answer to build a smart society of all things. 

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